Tony Kouneski  |  Maryland Office (Strategic Advisor to KL2)

Tony Kouneski
  • KL2 founder and principal (semi-retired strategic advisor to KL2)

  • Thirty-five years of public transit management experience

  • Twelve years as APTA's Vice President of Member Services 

  • Two terms with APTA's Executive Committee

  • Former President of Ohio Public Transit Association and Texas Transit Association

  • VP/GM of Bus Operations with NJ Transit (2000 buses and historic subway system)

  • Six years as GM of Austin’s Capital Metro (500 buses, 1000+ employees)

  • Fourteen years with ATE Management (now First Transit), Left ATE as a Senior VP

  • Served as ATE’s GM of SORTA (Cincinnati) and SunTran (Tucson)

  • Served as ATE’s Assistant GM of Metro Regional Transit Commission (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

  • Served as ATE’s Director of Marketing for Baltimore’s Mass Transit Administration 

  • Prior to transit career, accumulated ten years of association management experience

  • Bachelor’s in Marketing (University of Baltimore)