“We are so excited to have Dawn on board and we are looking forward to a long tenure at the helm,” board President Robert DeJournett said after the board voted in favor of the contract during its meeting at the Robert K. Pfaff Transit Center. Distler, 56, started her career at Metro as a bus driver. She had been working as the Director of Knoxville Area Transit before taking the Metro position. She told the board that she was excited to be back at Metro and looked forward to working with the board members. Distler, who is the first permanent female executive director to lead the agency, will oversee more than 400 employees and a $55 million annual operating budget. (Rick Armon, The Akron Beacon Journal)

  • Al Schlimm

The Hillsborough Tribune's Jim Redden reports that TriMet's Board of Directors has named Doug Kelsey as the single finalist in the search for a new General Manager. Current GM Neil McFarlane announced his upcoming retirement late last year. An international search to replace McFarlane was announced shortly after he announced his upcoming retirement. Kelsey previously served in many capacities at TransLink, including Chief Operating Officer. He also led subsidiary British Columbia Rapid Transit Company Ltd. as President and General Manager, was President of subsidiary Coast Mountain Bus Company and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of subsidiary West Coast Express.


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